Why you should be involved with a club at MSHS


Amanda Kerrigan

The Gay Straight Trans Alliance marches in the 2021 Homecoming parade on Manitou Avenue. The goal of MSHS is to have a club for everyone.

During this year, while students are faced with difficulties such as limited social interactions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, clubs offer a safe place to get vital social interactions, offer support, and be involved with something students are passionate about. Whether that is Environmental Club, the Gay Straight Trans Alliance (GSTA) or any other club offered by MSHS, there truly is a club for almost anybody! Joining a club has many benefits for students. The most prevalent point is that it provides social experiences which are unequivocal to many other activities. Participating in a club with specific interests that students have makes it easier to find new friends who share the same interests with them. Connecting with these students, interacting with activities students care about, and building meaningful relationships for students’ futures all add importance to joining a club. 

Clubs provide a stimulating environment to get involved within the community. While in these clubs, students can learn the importance of giving back to the community and the earth when relating to the Environmental Club. “It’s been really cool being able to start a movement to help our school be more environmentally friendly,” said President of the Environmental Club, Claire Kisielnicki. “I think being in a club can help you meet new people, and it can also help you get out within your community, whether it’s just hanging out with people and playing games. I think getting out within your community [is important.] It gives you a place to express your passions.”

Clubs are also a crucial aspect of forming a college resume. Demonstrating that students can participate in an important club that they care about can give them the extra step and opportunity to get into a college of their choice. Clubs help create the building blocks for interacting with others and teaching students how to share their voices and interests within a positive environment. 

MSHS also offers clubs for people to provide support, such as GSTA, where students are provided with a safe environment to share and discuss with others. Dr. Moen, the advisor of GSTA, stated, “I wanted to make sure that all students had a place to feel at home and find like-minded peers. A place where students could let their guard down, remove their masks, and just be themselves.” 

Whether students are looking for a support group to be around their peers similar to them or be involved in forming good decisions and habits while contributing to a club they care about, MSHS does offer something for everyone. Learning essential lessons, along with gaining knowledge about something they care about and simply making new friends are just some of the reasons why students should join a club. 

MSHS offers many different clubs (listed below,) so reach out to the advisors, grab your lunch, and join a club. Students will not regret it!