“Skinflints and Scoundrels” Snags Second


The cast of “Skinflints and Scoundrels” celebrates with their shiny second place trophy after the competition on February 12th.

Abby Pribila, Copy Editor

On February 20th, the theater department at Manitou Springs High School held a showcase of their one-act play for friends and family at the District Theater. Theater teacher Wendy Harms directed the act “Skinflints and Scoundrels” that was featured in the showcase. “Skinflints and Scoundrels” is about the character Moliere not being paid so he flips the books and puts on a play not yet finished. All of the characters in the play are thrown off because they were not prepared for a performance. The actors and actresses are in shock and have to improvise. 

For the cast, Moliere was played by Ryder Ballard (10), Cleante was played by Henry White (10), Grace Gardner (11) as Elise and Jack Mitchell (11) played the character of Valere. Senior Maggie Anderson played Marianne, Jody Read (12) as Frosine, Colton Talbot (10) as Anselm and Koda Oxford (11) as Officer. As well as Finian Dufford (9) as Coutier, Bri Anderson (12) as Dame Claude, Jason Sellers (10) as Pierre Pomponne, Jalen Lindh (10) as King Louis XIV and last but not least Jamie Williams (11) as Marquise De Montespan. 

Anderson, who played Marianne, had a great time as part of the One-Act but had some trouble getting to the competition. “I had to audition for a college coincidentally,” said Anderson. She was originally not going to be able to make it to the competition but Anderson ended up making it. 

Gardner, who played the role of Elise, said, “The performance went well besides the occasional costume malfunction.” Gardner has been in theater since her sophomore year at Manitou. 

After the competition being rescheduled because of snow days, the One-Act competition was finally held at Palmer Ridge High School on February 12th, the Manitou One-Act cast got second place. Two students were nominated for their performances in the act and “Skinflints and Scoundrels” also won Best Ensemble in the competition. It was a good competition for the theater department and an amazing performance for their showcase.