Great Start to a New Season


The team lines up for play Photo by Jack Montville

Last Friday August 30th, just after 9:00 P.M., the Manitou Springs football team celebrated their first game of the season win over the Manual Thunderbolts with a jaw-dropping score of 46-0.

“Morgan and I were really pumped for the game, and for the most part so was the rest of the team,” said team captain Johnny Swanson

The Mustangs started off with a 40 yard run led by quarterback Johnny Swanson during the first play of the game.

Consistent snaps from Junior center Cameron Noble along with a very well played defense set the stage for both the Mustangs offense and defense.

The Mustangs dominated the Thunderbolts offense with four sacs from defensive lineman Tristen Damon; and when combined with the numerous touchdowns scored by every aspect of the team (offense, defense, and special teams) came out to be a very consistent and well rounded game from the Manitou Mustangs.

When asked about the game head coach Dan Geek said, “I thought the kids played very well as a team.”

After this crushing victory the Mustangs know not to let this lead them into false beliefs about other schools they will face this year.

Swanson stated, “I think it lets other teams know that even though we lost a ton of seniors we’re still just as strong and as good of a team as we were last year… It really motivates us.”

The Mustangs hope to continue their streak this Saturday, September 7th, at home against Ridgeview High School at 7:00 P.M.

By Nick Kellner