Pole vaulting squad looks forward to state

Along with being one of the most interesting sports, pole vaulting is also one of the most unrecognized sports.

Most people at Manitou Springs High School are actually unaware that Manitou’s track team has had pole vaulting for multiple years.

Coached by Tim Hilt, this year’s pole vaulting squad includes Juniors Kristi Longfield and Julia Lucero.

Despite pole vaulting’s minimal following Julia Lucero said, ” I love it even though it doesn’t get as much attention as most of the other sports.”

According to Coach Hilt both members of the squad are ranked in the top 18 in state in pole vaulting, which means they are both qualified for state as of this week.

Manitou’s pole vaulting squad, along with the rest of the track team, will compete next on saturday at George Washington High School in Denver

By Drew Faloon