Editorial: Teenage Male Perfection Pressure

Editorial: Teenage Male Perfection Pressure

Eryn McQueen, Reporter

It’s commonly known and talked about how much pressure is rested upon girls, typically in their teenage years, to be virtually perfect. They’re expected to have an hourglass figure, clear skin, long hair, etc.

What isn’t addressed often, is the expectations aimed towards males. Whether we notice it or not, our society has influenced what we see as attractive, and unattractive. For some reason, taller males are considered more attractive rather than if they are shorter than their significant other.However, it is within limit, abnormal height, whether it’s the short or tall side, is stereotypically considered less appealing.

Other factors that come into play are voice pitch and facial structure. It’s more common for males to have deeper voices, and as teenagers are going through so many changes, male voices tend to drop. Again, voices on the deeper side are more common and considered attractive, but there is such a thing as too deep, at that point some may consider intimidating or simply abnormal. Now as for facial structure, there’s been a bit of controversy about this topic. Recently photos of males with strong, carved jaw lines, have been scouring the Internet. While many find it intriguing and complementary to the person, it’s also found as overkill by others. However, the majority perceives it as a plus rather than a drawback.

Other physical features that make a big difference include skin, eyes, and smile.

Similar to females, boys are under a lot of pressure to have clear, flawless skin. Over the years society has turned acne, into a blemish and by default nowadays, is seen as an imperfection. Although acne is common and natural in teenagers, it’s usually viewed as lack of personal hygiene or other issues that reflect back on the person. In my opinion, judging someone based on the clarity of their skin is completely unreasonable. There are tons of factors that come into that such as medical issues, genetics, climate, etc.

As most of us know, eyes are considered windows to the soul. The color and shape of ones eyes has an important impact on how that person is viewed. While brown eyes aren’t a drawback for most, lighter and colorful eyes are typically seen as more intriguing.

Touching on smiles, obviously most people will find crooked, yellow teeth and bad breath, an issue at least.

Even if males don’t face the influence of hourglass figures and whatnot, some expect them to still maintain a fit body. Body shaming has been an issue for years, and let’s be realistic, it will probably always be an issue. However, we have progressed towards body positivity and acceptance significantly. Muscular and toned bodies are gravitated towards more often then not. While some may prefer a fuller body type or a slimmer, an individuals body should not be a deciding factor as to whether they’re attractive or not.

At some point, everyone faces issues with their own body, just at a glance, you have no idea how hard that person has worked towards either adjusting or accepting their body. There are tons of other assets that are not physical that count towards attractiveness. However, people tend to judge at a glance so we usually only see the physical side rather than personality.

Many people may not even take these attributes personally when judging a person, but these are the most common. The fact is, males face insecurities and pressure the same as girls, even though girls are considered more heavily pressured and judged. While neither is acceptable, they’re both inevitable.