• November 29No School on January 21th, Martin Luther King Jr Observance.

  • November 29Girl’s Basketball @ Home on January 22nd from 4:30-5:30pm at MSHS.

  • September 4Wrestling Meet @ Home on January 25th from 4-6pm at MSHS (Senior Night).

  • August 24Neon Dance on January 19th from 8-11pm at MSHS.

Editorial: Columbus Day Controversy

Editorial: Columbus Day Controversy

Eliana Uecker, Student Life Editor

October 11, 2018

Filed under Opinions, Showcase

From our very first years of grade school, we’re taught that in August of 1492 the brave and heroic Christopher Columbus set sail into the ocean blue and discovered the Americas, building the starting foundations of the United States of America. Columbus is praised for being courageous and facing...

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