Boys’ Soccer Wins First Home Game

Mo Heiniger , Reporter

On Aug. 30th, the boys’ soccer team played Atlas Prep at home. After a brief delay due to lighting in the area, the game began. Friends and family members of both teams scattered the bleachers.

The first goal of the game was scored by Mustang forward, Jonathan Gerdes (11), within the first two minutes of playing time. This goal worked as a catalyst for heightened play and boosted morale.

As the first half continued, the Mustangs saw goals scored by Ted Weiss (12) and Jez Sommers (9). The opposing team, Atlas Prep, got few shots off on the Mustang goal keeper, Devin Sjazner (11).

After countless shots and goal opportunities, the first half ended with a 3-0 score in Manitou’s favor and the team seemed to be connecting passes and communicating in an unprecedented way.

Entering the second half, the Mustangs realized that maintaining their level of play was imperative if they wanted to hold on to the lead. However, by unfortunate circumstances, the the first point on the scoreboard in this half was a goal from the foot a Mustang defender.

The half continued and it seemed that the game would end with a 3-1 score despite mass efforts made by both teams. After a chaotic scramble right in front of Atlas Prep’s goal keeper, Riley Jungbauer (9) sunk the fourth and final goal of this match. This goal seemed to be the climax of the second half, with energy and excitement dying down gradually after this until there was no game left to play.

From kick off to the final whistle, the Mustangs demonstrated a new, unified team dynamic which may excite fans as more games approach. Last season, the boys’ team lost a core of starting seniors, so worries about filling the roster were present. As half of the goals scored in the Atlas Prep game came from the feet of freshman, it seems that those worries may soon cease.