Last Han Club Meeting Brings Surprises

Kaitlyn Davidson, Reporter

Jay Huang (11), an exchange student from China, started Han club at the beginning of the year to help share his culture with the MSHS student body. Every week on Tuesdays, Huang shared music videos, powerpoint presentations and food with the club members.

Many of the foreign exchange students attend these meetings. Akseli Valaja (12), from Finland, said, “It’s a very interesting club. I admire Jay’s enthusiasm towards the club and enjoy going to it every time.”

Another member, Sydney Dawson (10), brings her family to each meeting. Her college-bound sibling, Jeff Riech, said, “[The club] is so entertaining. Jay makes the information so fun and energetic. He makes it accessible to everyone.  I wish I was as funny he is.”

The end of this club creates many feelings for the foreign exchange students as they are getting ready to leave. “I am very sad to leave, I don’t want to leave ever!” said Huang.