2016 Spring Dance Concert Finishes Production

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, Reporter

The annual spring dance concert was this past week. This concert included multiple of the dance classes combined. There were 21 dances overall. The combination of group dances, duets, and solos were very even.

The music was used very creatively, and the dances were overall very well done. There were many new dancers coming up this semester; nevertheless, their performance was just as pleasant as the more experienced students. One of these dancers new this year is Zoe Schnurman (10). Schnurman says, “Ever since I came here to Manitou, I wanted to be in dance class. I have been doing it this entire year now and I love almost every second- minus the stressing on not getting a certain move. Mrs. Berry is a wonderful teacher and when we all work together, we’re like a big family. But I love dancing at Manitou, this whole year has been a great experience.”

This concert displayed many talents. There were many group dances, duets, and even one solo. This solo was Turn Your Love by Half Moon Run performed by Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln (12). There were two duets; one was Fireflies by Ron Pope choreographed and danced by Lexi Vernon (12) and Leilani Warrinner (12). As well Fireflies, Hayley Hamblin (12) and Josh Chambers (11) displayed their own talent with their duet, The Mates of Soul by Taylor John Williams. Hayley also choreographed another piece for her senior project, which displays Josh as well. This dance was Stop This Train by John Mayer, and you can find it on the prospector under video.

There was even a dance including Mrs. Berry, the dance teacher. This also included Hazel Stoffel (9), Hayley Hamblin (12), Brianne Anderson (12),  Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln (12), and Sarah Weimer (10) and was Numb by Oh Land. This included some of the more experienced dancers, and was more of a skilled piece.

Along with some classical music pieces, the classes danced to some more modern pieces as well. Although Moonlight Sonota and Paper Thin where some more softer choices, there was more intense song choices too. Kashmir by William Joseph feat. Lucia Micarelli was more creative and original. Numb was a little more modern as well, and a nicely done piece.

Overall, the dance concert was nicely done. I heard many people say afterwards that it was one of the best dance concerts they’ve attended at MSHS. The combination of new talent and experience set the bar higher for future concerts. The music chosen was a variety of wonderful songs. The coordination and organization of the whole thing paid off. The dance program is going places at Manitou.