Winter Sports Profile: Maddie Frahm and Shelby Megyeri End Vigorous Season

Although the girls’ varsity basketball team is only nine players strong, the varsity team has improved vastly. They remain undefeated as the end of the season approaches. Situated behind Mesa Ridge in Colorado Springs, the girls are ranked at 15th out of the 327 teams in Colorado.

Included among the varsity players are the talented Maddie Frahm (11) and Shelby Megyeri (11).

Both girls have had an avid career in basketball, last much longer than high school. This experience they have cultivated led to their expert skills in the game.

Playing basketball since 4th grade, Frahm has had a lot of practice. The varsity player was able to move through the ranks and succeed throughout the years.

“I am an all purpose player,” Frahm said. “The coach moves me around to different positions.” In most cases, Frahm is designated to guard the other team’s best player. “I like the excitement of competition and the physical contact of the game.”

With an average of 4.6 points per game, Frahm is just above the national average. Also with an average of 2 steals per game she lends a helpful quality to the team.

Frahm has many goals, large and small. While working towards the possibility of a medical degree, she also juggles sports and a busy life outside of school; not allowing the stress of daily life to abate her skills.

Megyeri, a point guard on the varsity team, has been playing basketball since 3rd grade. Planning to attend and play in college, Megyeri has been working hard all season. Her highlight of the season was on January 23th, where Manitou beat Woodland Park by 50 points. They have come close several times to the 50 point marker since then.

“It’s kinda all I know really,” said Megyeri, “And everyone gets along really well.”

Megyeri is a talented and intense player. She currently has statistics much higher than the national average, and achieves the attention of several fans. Megyeri has achieved an average of 18 points per game,which is more than double the national average.

Preparing for game can be like a ritual to some. To others, it is simply to practice.

“Everyone likes to do it different,” says Megyeri, “but I get more calm, and to myself before a game.” This differs from Frahm, who claims to “Eat a gut bomb at McDonalds, grab a gatorade, and focus on the game ahead.”

Although their love for basketball is ever-reaching, everyone loves a day off.

“They both do what is needed to win basketball games for the team.” said Coach Jon Asp.