Foreign Exchange Student Cultivates “Han Club”

Sage Stevens, Reporter

Jay Huang (11) is an exchange student from China. He established Chinese Club after his first quarter here in Manitou Springs High School. After winter break, Huang changed to name to “Han Club”. The meeting on February 9 was focused on the Chinese New Year. He shared a presentation about how China celebrates the Lunar New Year, and let the attendees share in the tradition of Red Pocket. There were over 15 attendees, and even a few parents were there.

At the meeting on February 16, there were not as many attendees, but Huang led an informative presentation about Chinese opera. Additionally, he explained the tonal nature of the Mandarin language.

Huang was inspired to create Han Club by the company which arranged his year at Manitou, the Center for Cultural Interchange. He wished to share Chinese culture, and he is pleased by the results. Huang creates videos which are played in the weekly announcements, and he cites the success of Han Club to these.

Han Club meets after school on Tuesdays in Mr. Batsons room