Review: Deadpool Hits Theaters, Amazes (Mature) Viewers

Shot From Dead Pool Movie 


Shot From Dead Pool Movie 2016

Bryce VanDerveer, Reporter

Put simply, Dead Pool is a crude blood bath of a film that was in no way suitable for children, which in itself was part of the fun. The profanity and gore not only allowed the movie to stick to its comic roots, but also made for some good laughs along the way. But really, more than anything, it should be emphasized that it is a film for adults. The language alone warrants an R rating, not to mention the amount of nudity, suggestive humor, and of course copious amounts of blood. Again though, that in itself was a huge part of the entertainment value.

Despite the amusement factor of the film, there is plenty to be critical of, one of my personal grievances being the over-use of breaking the fourth wall. For those who don’t already know, breaking the fourth wall is where the character adresses the audience directly, or insinuates that they know they are in a fictional environment. In many instances, it was done well, not only enhancing the overall storyline, but also addressing the comic heritage of the Dead Pool character. But sometimes, it was just obnoxious, and unnecessary. For instance, allowing deadpan to make jokes about breaking the fourth wall was agreeable. Allowing for both comedy and effective use of storytelling, this was certainly among the better attempts to use this method. On the other hand, there was a short clip of Dead Pool flicking some gum onto the camera in the opening scene. There isn’t anything wrong with that, not really, but it was an unnecessary and not especially funny clip, that could just as easily been removed.

On the plus side, the story telling was done very well, allowing a rather complex plot to be easily absorbed by the audience. The way the story played out, it required little to no background information for the viewers, and was overall very clear regarding plot holes and chronological layout. Also, one has to admire the level of prestige in the effects quality. They looked remarkably realistic, despite the graphic nature of the many of the effects. All things considered, the effects were of great quality and vastly enhanced the enjoyability of the film.

Overall, it was well done. It not only met the hype that had accumulated over the last few months, I mwould certainly argue that it surpassed it. It was both comical and understandable, and was an excellent starting point for the Dead Pool movie franchise. Another Marvel sponsored success.