Meet February’s “Mustangs of the Month”

Anela Wright, Reporter

Your mustangs of the month for February are Lydia Lockwood (11), Issac Patterson (10) and Abbi Beebe (9).

Lockwood was recognized for helping Zoe Schurnman (10) when she dislocated her knee (for the fourth time) outside of school.

“I had turned to grab my bag when I felt a pop. Lydia put my head on her lap and calmed me down until the paramedics arrived,” Zoe (10).

Lockwood is a talented student, recording perfect attendance in the 2014-2015 school year. With her skills in cooking, she hopes to one day become a chef and share her cooking with many.

Patterson is praised as being bright. As a sophmore, he is in Robotics Club and hopes to one day use his skills and get into the Colorado School of Mines and become an engineer.

“He is one of my best friends. I have known him for two years and always knows how to make a person laugh,” said Allison Marte (10).

Beebe, with her crazy hair colors and fun personality, has a love of acting. “Abby is such a bright young person. She is always smiling and somebody I would love to see the entire student body be like her,” said Wendy Skokan.