Boys’ Basketball Continues Undefeated Streak in League

Following a successful girls’ varsity basketball game on Friday, January 22, the boys’ team was full of energy when they began their game against the visiting Florence Huskies.

The first quarter was a power struggle between the two teams. The Huskies spent most of the first eight minutes six to nine points ahead of the Mustangs. The rules were slightly disregarded by both teams, as Florence had six fouls at the end of the quarter and the Mustangs had three.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs turned their performance around. Starting at 12-11 Manitou, the team worked together to put space between their score and their opponents’. Lucas Rodholm (11) scored four consecutive two-point shots, the most of any player on the team. By halftime, the Mustangs were up 29-16.

In the second half of the game, Bryce McMillan (12) scored two three-point shots. The team earned 14 points in the third quarter and 15 in the second. Rodholm was the highest-scoring Mustang, with 18 points overall. McMillan scored 11 points for the team, and Steven Jensen (12) scored nine.

By the end of the game, the Mustangs were up 58-32 over the Huskies. The Mustangs are currently first in the 3A Tri-Peaks league.