Review: Panic! at the Disco Releases New Album

“Death of a Bachelor,” or the death of P!ATD and the birth of Brendon Urie

Sage Stevens, Reporter

“Death of a Bachelor,” released on January 15, is the fourth album released by Panic! At The Disco. This album contains a new sound, which is unexpected for a band, but when the fact that Brendon Urie is the only remaining original member is taken into consideration, this is understandable. Unfortunately, this leaves every song in Urie’s hands, and he wants you to know this. There is a significant increase in the audio editing, and the music has diverged from the original witty lyrics and change of rhythm. Additionally, multiple songs try to be Fall Out Boy. Urie needs to make up his mind and at least be consistent for an entire album.
A major contribution to P!ATD’s prior success is the witty lyrics and titles, and “Death of a Bachelor” has taken on a mature tone. This is the musical interpretation of P!ATD dropping the exclamation point. Urie is no longer twenty and emo. Now he’s thirty and married. “Death of a Bachelor” reflects this.
The biggest issue with “Death of a Bachelor” is the variation between genres. For example, “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time” is reminiscent of their old songs, while “Death of a Bachelor” (the song) sounds like Frank Sinatra. The Frank Sinatra sound works for Urie, but not for P!ATD.
The best recommendation to enjoy this album is to listen gradually, and give it a second try, because it grows on you.