Controversy Surrounds New Track Coach Position


Susie Robbins, 12, runs the 100m dash at the Harrison track meet.

Kaitlyn Davidson, Reporter

With the new track season coming up, everyone is anxious about the unplanned surprises that are bound to happen. A big shock to tracksters recently has been the announcement of the replacement of the beloved Assistant Head Coach, Coach Stoneback. This 2016 Track season, Manitou Springs High School is adding a “new” name to the rooster. But what if you already knew them? The new internal Track Assistant Head Coach position is an extremely competitive opportunity, with four possible and capable candidates. While these four applicants remain anonymous, all athletes and staff look forward to witness this enthusiastic panel of long-experienced coaches collaborate with this new addition to create a exceptional team. This revelation may be a shock to many as the hiring commity have kept this under wraps.

Affectionately referred to as Stoney, Stoneback filled much more than just a head Coach position, being a vital part of the team for years. “She was an incredible asset to the team,” said the recently-promoted head Coach Tyler Jones. She bonded with all of the athletes and was determined to improve each team members athletic ability. Many students mused over the past years they spent with her, laughing at past jokes, and smiling at the encouraging words she was always so eager to share. “Stoney helped me immensely by telling me her past track experiences, she supported me throughout all my years of participating track,” said an athlete. Stoneback is leaving behind a team that is enlightened from her bright ideas. These are big shoes to fill, but all the coaches have no doubt this new addition will bring new positivity to the team.

Many of us didn’t realize the mountain of responsibilities Stoneback had as Assistant Head Coach, and this unsuspecting newcomer will have a lot to take over. This “Very qualified candidate,” as Jones said, “Will have very many responsibilities to handle as assign head coach.”

Contrary to all the speculation surrounding the controversial topic, little information has been released to the public and conspiracies have been created off of the sparse facts we know.  In Mrs. Roberson’s staff profile on Manitou Springs High School staff profile page, a possible uncorrected mistake is apparent, “Coaches cross country and track”. Or, maybe Mr. Hilt, who stepped in last minute in the previous track season due to an unforeseen accident resulting in the lost of the long distance coach, Coach Swazo. Perhaps Mr. Roberson, the longstanding boys’ coach for Cross Country, is the final choice.

Despite the turbulent changes of coaches during the past years, Jones is confident that this is a positive change, “It gives a lot of opportunity to look out and grasp different people with different mindsets and thoughts,” he said. The atmosphere of motivation and determination is apparent with this hardworking team, who’s ultimate goal is the become a “State Dynasty,” as many devoted athletes declare. Everyone is confident that this fresh mind will change the track team for the better, yet who this new face is still remains a mystery.