Annual Blood Drive Comes to End

Sita Ahlen, Senior Writer

The annual National Honor Society (NHS)-sponsored blood drive occurred on Monday, December 7 from 9:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Sixteen-year-olds and older flocked toward the Jack Willie Gym to donate.

The back wall of the gym held 6 chairs for the students donating blood. Students who signed up met with NHS members and were filtered through a screening process.

Sitting in the chairs and being waited on by seven employees of Penrose Hospital, the students chatted or played on their phones.

Penrose Hospital has a connection with local schools, churches or organizations so they may host blood drives. Currently the have a need for O+, O-, A+, A- and B+ blood types. Although, if you have any of the other blood types and would consider donating, visit their website

“Its very convenient that the school has this so we can just come and it’s there.” McKenzie Petricko (12) said. She has participated in the school hosted blood drive for two years.