November Students of the Month Lead a Path of Kindness

Gianni Truscelli, Reporter

Every month there is a new student chosen for the spot of student of the month. This month, Isaac green (12) and Will Pranchack (9) are the chosen students.

Pranchack has done a lot of work volunteering and participating in a club at our school, called WORRRMS. Pranchak’s English teacher, Mr. Gilliam, said, “I don’t necessarily think that being a perfect student matters, but being a good person does, and Will is that.”

The freshman class has a huge level of respect for Pranchack, for his friendliness and helpfullness.

Before Gilliam had met Pranchack at the beginning of the year, there was a
bad lightning storm. Students were not allowed outside of the school. Will was outside wandering, so Gilliam went out to see what he was doing. Pranchack said, “I’m kind of a free spirit.” Mr. Gilliam says that’s special because it shows he is wise beyond his years.

Green has a special talent of conversation. He is the president of the Spanish club and he takes notes on the citizens board. He enjoys meeting new people and having conversations to them. He loves Manitou Springs High School for how accepting and kind everyone is.

English teacher Mr. Hilt says, “I am very happy that Isaac has received the award, because he is a very kind, smart, and funny kid. There aren’t a lot of students that are invisible to him. He knows most students and has a great relationship with the majority of them.”

Students appreciate Green as he is a kind and eccentric person. He helps with new students and encourages other students to accept them into the school. He believes that he deserves the award because of how kind he is. He believes that it is good to know what the students think about him, and that they believe he deserves the award also.