Manitou Student Creates Black Student Union Club

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

Hannah Kimmett-Joseph (12), who is interested in implementing change, has come up with the idea to start a Black Student Union (BSU) club.

BSU clubs were created around the time of Martin Luther King, Junior. Since then, many schools have adopted the club.

Dear White People, a movie about racial identity within a high school (which Kimmett reccomends) gave her the idea for the club. “In the movie the college had a BSU and I thought, ‘well that’s something I want to do,’” Kimmett said.

“Most people don’t even know what it is, so after I told them it would be a chill safe space, they were all for it,” said Kimmett.

So far, Kimmett has explored possibilities from every angle, already planning meetings and spreading the word. Yet, depending on the number of students who join the meetings the plans may change. “Ideally every student would join,” said Kimmett.

“I know not a lot of students of color will join because there aren’t a lot of students of color at Manitou,” Kimmet said.

Since Kimmett is a senior, she is creating an atmosphere that may not last very long. “I hope another student would want to take over, but in all honesty I expect it to crash and burn after I leave,” said Kimmett.

BSU Club will be on Thursday during lunch in Mr.Robersons room. The club is welcome to all races.