Girls Finish Second in League Cross Country

Ashley Rodriguez , Senior Reporter

Cross country Leagues went as expected. The whole team has been training hard for this race and did exceptionally well. Their leagues race was last Friday, October 16, in Florence.

The girls’ team got second place in the race, falling straight after the Salida girls’ team, who got first place. Most girls broke their old records by either a few seconds or minutes. There were a couple girls who fell short of their record by seconds. Jesse Bishop (11) broke 30 by 3:34 minutes, which got her closer to her goal of 7-minute mile, which she has to have to join the army. Jen Cole (11) broke the 22-minute barrier, her final time being 21:17, making her the second girl in the school’s recent history to break 22. The girls’ team is also hoping to be able to race at state for the second year in a row as a team.

The boys’ team got 5th place. Most of the team broke the 20-minute barrier.
Bryce Vanderveer (11) got a time of 17:43, being the first on this year’s cross country team to break the 18-minute mark.

The Regionals race is this Thursday, October 23, in pueblo. With teams able to run nine athletes instead of the usual seven, both teams will be able to race all runners in the meet.