Sports Profiles: Cross Country Runners Naomi Stevens and Kaitlyn Davidson Seek to Find Their Strengths

Gianni Truscelli, Reporter

Cross Country runners Kaitlyn Davidson (10) and Naomi Stevens (11) are teammates for the MSHS cross country program. They seek to excel from their weaknesses and keep moving with their strengths.

Davidson believes that her strength is endurance, and she needs to work on her speed. Her mindset leads to a great outcome in the end.

If they had any advice to tell newcomers, it would be to wash your clothes, pace yourself, and don’t start too quickly. If you have to push yourself, do it, but don’t push too hard. The main mindset is to not worry about the little things, such as if someone passes you. In their eyes, the hardest thing about cross country is running, mainly because commitment is hard when you are doing 5k races.

Their goals are set high, and they are inspired to accomplish them. The most inspirational people in their eyes are their coaches, the Robersons (Dwayne Roberson and Jaclyn Roberson), and Lisa Rainsberger. Their mindsets and physical goals reflect on the way they perform, and how they work as a team. “Our team compares to others by how we are 3rd in state, it’s hard to keep a good game plan because the team is always changing by how one runner can get hurt, and it affects the whole team,” says Davidson.