Health Code Redrafted for 2015-2016 School Year

Paige McKenna, Reporter

Concessions are changing every day here at Manitou Springs High School. Everything from nachos to hot chocolate is served at every single football game and school event. That keeps people coming back for more. Now, a new health policy is being enforced, that only allows certain food and drink products to be served. Maddie Dayhoff (11), chairperson of the concessions committee in Student Council, has really been involved in this decision.

“We are trying to improve on the health quality of the food that we sell,” she said. “But since we are selling these foods at games and stuff, we don’t technically have to monitor what we are selling.”

Dayhoff explained that the concessions are very popular at school, so if they were to be made more healthy, there is no way of telling how students would react to the situation. It is hard to change something that has been around for such a long time and that is what is going to be one of the deciding factors for wether or not the new health code should be reinstated or not.

As the new health code is introduced, there will be a new rule. People will need to buy products outside of the school money and the school all together if it isn’t part of health code. The only way anything other than food that is not in the health code will be sold is if everyone buys food with their own money and sells it to the community. Nobody but student council has been made aware of this situation yet, so the details are still being figured out.