Mass media students attend Spring National High School Journalism Convention in Denver

Lizzy Anderson, Writer

After school on Thursday, April 16, seven Mass Media students and two advisors headed up to Denver for a weekend of  classes to help improve the Warhorse and Prospector.

Thousands of students from all around the country gathered in the Sheraton Denver Downtown where the conference was held the during the weekend, starting on the April 16. Students traveled from as far as Hawaii, or as close as a few blocks away. Teachers from all around the country taught students the lessons they have learned throughout the years of supervisoring their schools’ yearbooks, and professional journalists lectured about how to became an awarded winning journalist. The classes talked about ad sales, interviews, how to write a proper story, and photography, among much more. Some classes had more people than chairs, so masses of knowledge-hungry students gathered on the floor.

The elevators got plenty of business as people ignored the weight limit, and fit as many people as the elevator could have possibly fit. Frantic students ran from all floors to make it to class on time. New classes began every hour, with special breakout sessions for those who paid extra. In those sessions students were given an opportunity to ask personal questions about how to better their yearbook and newspaper. In the foyer, yearbooks from other schools were on exhibit to give us great ideas for years to come. Also in the Foyer were companies advertising their printing and collages advertising their journalism programs.

After a day full of classes the Manitou Springs students were released to wreak havoc on the 16th Street mall. The group spent hours shopping and walking around Denver. Freshman, Sita Ahlen, was “abducted” by  panhandling Mimes but was soon released. “It  was pretty scary at first but i know after many years of therapy. I’ll get over it,” she joked. After a weekend of fun filled days the tired students packed up for the ride back home as JEA came to a close.