A New Kind of Success: A look back at Manitou’s wrestling season

Tyler Jungbauer, Reporter


The Manitou Springs High School wrestling team this previous season may not have qualified for state, but they managed to grow in perhaps more important ways.

“When it came down to really close matches, we just couldn’t get those wins when we needed them,” says Brad Borkowski, who coached the team alongside Paul Bonner. “Regionals were tough for us.  It was the most places we had at regionals for maybe the last ten years. So we had a lot of people place, we just couldn’t win the matches we needed to win.”

Despite the team not placing this year, Borkowski believes that the team grew in other ways, such as camaraderie.

“I like to see [the wrestlers] being able to grow,” he said. “I mean, you have a kid like [sophomore] Julian Sanchez, who won one match all last season, and this year he won about fifteen. Just watching that growth and getting able to know the wrestlers is my favorite part.”

Furthermore, Borkowski believes that the season could even be called successful, because of the Woodland Park vs. Manitou Springs match at the end of the season, a biased match because of the defilement Woodland Park committed earlier this year. The match was considered successful in part because of the quantity of MSHS students present, with the band playing in the background.