Danger over the South China Sea: Mr. Blocher’s time in the navy

Tyler Jungbauer, Reporter

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Prospector is having some technical difficulties – this audio file cannot be accessed on the school servers, so for the time being you won’t be able to listen on your iPads. Make sure to check it out from home or a mobile device.  

Math and programming teacher at Manitou Springs High School, Steven Blocher, sits down with the Prospector’s Tyler Jungbauer to share some stories about his experiences in the United States Navy. Blocher speaks of his time spent training prior to his experience over the South China Sea, near Hainan island, and the “miracle” of how he is still alive, as well as the honor of meeting the president following the crisis. Listen to the interview above.


“Being in the Navy is far from being in the Navy.” 3:15

“The plane’s going down, you know it’s over, and all you can do is watch the ocean getting closer and closer.” 10:15

“Coffee, axes, suitcases, and demolished computers.” 14:48

“You’ve crashed in a military spy plane, all you want is a smoke, and your boss says no.” 16:45

“If it’s not bad enough falling from the sky and then being detained, only fish heads and chicken feet can make it worse.” 19:40

“In the end, a year’s worth of Dominos Pizza and a broad sword makes up for it all.” 22:40