Winter Choir Concert is a Success (Listen here)

Sita Ahlen , Reporter

On the evening of Friday, December 12, the choir performed their annual winter concert in the old gym. Both the middle school and high school choirs sang songs representing different time periods and the acts that happened within them.

“That was one of the best performances we’ve ever had of those songs. I guess Mr. Killian has been wanting us to sing like that all semester. We sounded like adults for the first time in the few years I’ve been at this school,” said Meghann Root, a sophomore in choir.

The performance opened with both the middle and high schoolers singing together, then moved on to the middle schoolers, who sang four more songs. They then switched places, and the Mustang Chorale took their place and sang half a dozen songs, including an encore with the middle school.

In the last song by the Mustang Chorale,”Miracle”, Lacey Harris (12) played the flute, Patrick Ortiz (9) played the drums, and Hayley Hamblin (11), Naomi Bauer (12), Sarah Weimer (9) and Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln (11) performed a dance number choreographed by Hayley Hamblin.

According to choir students, they will be staging Les Miserables later in the year.



Troubadors & Minstrels

Siyahamba – 00:00

Hine Ma Tov – 03:10

The Earth is One – 06:35

Wade in the Water – 8:50

Down By The Riverside – 13:50

Manitou Chorale

 Va Pensiero – 00:00

A Quiet Moment – 04:46

Solfeggio – 08:05

The Spiritual – 13:32

American Anthem – 21:50

Les Miserables

 Look Down – 31:05

End of the Day – 32:45

I Dreamed a Dream – 35:36

Castle On a Cloud – 38:22

Do You Hear the People Sing? – 39:50


 Down By the Riverside – 51:00