Cheerleaders Place First at League

Sita Ahlen and Aubrey Hall

Manitou Springs’ High School Cheerleading team attended league on Thursday, November 20th.

Out of the eight cheer teams at the event, Manitou took the floor second to last. They overcame several blips, and narrowly avoided some as well. One cheerleader nearly landed off of the mat, having to stand on her toes in order to avoid a deduction. They performed with the song “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy, as well as with a cheer that included Manitou’s school colors and mascot.

After all of the teams had taken the floor and performed their routines, all of the teams huddled on the mat and conducted the traditional songs and group activities. After this had ended, the announcements were made regarding which teams had won.

A mishap with the announcers placed St. Mary’s as first and Manitou as 2nd, but Samantha Beary, the team’s coach, wasn’t sure this was correct, and asked for a recalculation. The team scored 284 and had 8.5 in deductions for a total of 275.5. In the end, Saint Mary’s had to exchange their first place trophy with the Manitou cheer team’s second place trophy.

This was a big deal for Manitou because, according to Lily Reavis, the team hasn’t placed first at league in six years.

The team will now prepare for the upcoming state competition in Denver on Saturday, December 6th.