Elkington Scores High in State Rankings, Helps Bring Team to Playoffs

Adin Berns, Reporter

Running down the field the wind through your hair, when you are running down the field about to score a goal you usually don’t think, “If I score this goal I’m in the top five for goals scored in Colorado.”

Last year, Manitou Springs Soccer team had one of the best players in the state, senior Sawyer Lincoln. The team needed somebody to step up once Lincoln left after his senior year.

At first the team consisted of a lot of younger players that were all competing for their chance to shine, until the season began. Josh Elkington is a junior at Manitou Springs and a hard-working kid that has played soccer since he was a toddler.

Josh lead the team in goals this season scoring 23 goals in all and placing third in the state for goals.

Discussing his goals for this season, Elkington said, “I want to get into the playoffs as a team, personally I would like to score around 25 goals by the end of the season.”

The team finished their season strong, beating Evangelical Christian Academy 6-1 and beating Jefferson Academy 6-0. Elkington scored six out of the twelve goals scored in the last two games.

Elkington said, “I feel very happy with how the season has gone, and I can’t wait to play in Crested Butte and get two more goals for my team.”

Elkington points to club soccer as having helped him to become the player he is. Elkington also said that his constant practice and love for the game have made him commit to the sport.

Many high school athletes do not consider college sports as an option because of its rarity to find scholarships. Elkington, however, is optimistic. “I want to go to college for the experience of college, I haven’t ruled out college soccer, but it isn’t my first choice,” he said.

Elkington is excited for playoffs and ready for his senior year where he hopes to go deep into the playoffs.