Hoorah for Homecoming!

Meghann Root, Reporter

Every year is a new experience during Homecoming week at Manitou, but the day that anyone can enjoy is Friday, with events such as the parade and the game. For freshman Kaitlyn Davidson and German foreign-exchange student Noel Stephan (11), it was their very first Manitou Homecoming parade experience.

Davidson joined Manitou after attending Woodland Park Middle School. She had never participated in a parade before, much less one for Homecoming. Riding on top of the fire truck for cross-country, she was afraid she was going to hit someone when throwing out candy, but she was excited to see all the little kids smiling and laughing.

Davidson says that Manitou is much more spirited about homecoming than Woodland Park. “They just don’t have the amount of enthusiasm or people in a parade,” she said. From what she saw, Manitou’s parade has more people attending and participating.

“We didn’t have any dress-up days,” she says,” or get out early, go up on a float, or anything like that, so [this] was a lot more fun.”

Stephan has a background even more different from Manitou than Davidson’s, as schools in Germany don’t celebrate Homecoming the way schools in the United States do. He’s been in a parade for soccer before, but never on a vehicle. Riding on the fire truck and tossing candy to his friends and the little kids was his favorite part and he wishes to do it again.

Stephan also attended the football game that night and describes his experience as having fun while bonding. Manitou fans are known for being loud and rowdy with nonstop cheers and encouragement for our school.

“In Germany, we don’t play sports for our school, so we play in clubs,” Stephan said. “The only fans we have are our family and friends.”

Stephan and Davidson both have had their share of experiences, but Manitou Homecoming was one they will hopefully never forget.