Girl’s Basketball Fights a Losing Battle


Katlinn Root

Angala Jenson (10) warms up before the game. She racked up 23 points, making her the top scorer of the game.

Sam Weiss

Saturday’s hard fought loss was a learning experience for the Mustangs. The Mustangs had to utilize different players and strategies to hold their own on Saturday, since key player Shelby Megyeri was out because of an injury.

“I hate it, I rather be out there playing,” said Megyeri.

To change it up, sophomore Angala Jensen proved to be the Mustangs dominant force, scoring 23 points. “[Megyeri] scores most our points, so we had to work the ball more inside to me and Brooke Garretson,” said Jensen

Contributing player Kristi Longfield proved to be another key member to the team on Saturday’s game. With a twelve point deficit in the third quarter, Longfield, a senior, used her strong leadership skills on the court to get the team riled up.

“After half time, we realized that we could beat this team, and we just came back, we had a lot of heart and we got a lot of fast breaks to Angala,” said Longfield. Without the encouragement from Longfield, the Cougar fans may not have been at the edge of their seats for the duration of the second half.

“We said that we had to fight for it, they aren’t going to give it to us,” said Jensen

The Mustangs certainly did play with heart, and the Cougars seemed to compensate. Cougar Forward Taryn Fraizer seemed to be showing a lot of heart, and played a very physical game, attempting to steal the ball from the Mustangs at every given opportunity. Although Fraizer played with heart, it came at a cost. Fraizer fouled Jensen numerous times, and helped the Mustangs decrease their deficit to five points, with six minutes to go in the fourth.

Enraged Cougar fans got out of their seats, with four minutes and twenty two seconds to go in the fourth, when Jensen completed her three point play, after being fouled, making it a four point game.

With a two possession lead the Cougars ran the final second out, and took the win. Though it was a disappointing loss for the Mustangs, it was a learning experience for the many games to come.

By Sam Weiss