MSHS brings back the homecoming pep rally


Halli Frost

Musical chairs competitors get serious about victory!

Makenzi VerVaecke, Reporter

This year Manitou Springs High School’s Student Council (StuCo) brought back the homecoming tradition of a pep rally.

The last traditional pep rally was in 2008, but over the years it has been forgotten and not celebrated due to COVID-19. “From 2008 to about 2018 we did a Homecoming assembly,”  Lily Glass (12) said. “We did not do a Homecoming assembly or pep rally during COVID years.”

StuCo had many reasons to bring back the pep rally this year. “We decided it would be fun to bring back the more traditional pep rally this year because we felt like since COVID, our school spirit has been coming back stronger and the student body is becoming a more unified group,” Lily Glass said. 

Angie Glass, Athletics and Activities Secretary, also had a part in bringing back the pep rally this year and thought it went well. “I thought the pep rally was great, especially considering we have not planned one in almost 15 years. We took a huge risk in having it in the evening and we were nervous we would not get the same crowd as when we have assemblies during the school day,” Angie Glass said. “Low and behold, the gym was packed and we were thrilled.” 

StuCo also wanted the community to be involved in the pep rally.  “In addition to that, we thought this would be a perfect year because of the 150th anniversary celebration of MSSD14,” Lily Glass said. “Many alumni would be in town and there are also a lot of community members that are starting to get more involved and supportive of our school.”

Along with the rally bringing more community members, Lily Glass thinks the purpose of the pep rally is to get students together and bring the school spirit. “It is a way for the school to be in one space, cheering together and getting excited for the homecoming parade, football game, and dance,” Lily Glass said. “It’s fun to watch our band and cheerleaders do what they do best and also a really fun way for them to teach us how to bring the hype.” 

The student body enjoyed the pep rally according to Liam Linster (10).  “My favorite part of the pep rally was the musical chairs because it had student body involvement and was just fun to be involved,” Linster said. “I think it’s a really good thing that StuCo brought back the pep rally. It shows school spirit and gives everyone a way to support the fall sports teams if they can’t go to games.” 

StuCo also made more additions to the pep rally this year like introducing the cast of the upcoming play. “This pep rally was very similar to the pep rallies of the past, in which the fall sports teams were introduced and the band and cheer teams played a huge part,” Angie Glass said. “I like that we have added the arts into the program as well and the cast and crew of ‘Beowulf and the Bard’ were amazing.”