MSHS varsity football team comeback


TIffany Allen

Tyler Maloney #5 and Evan Scherr #2 after scoring a combined 5 touchdowns on the sideline after winning 46-12 against Rocky Ford High School.

Ashur Lavigne, Reporter

Manitou Springs High School’s football team is now 3-1 coming back from the Prospector Ridge Academy. They beat Valley High School 36-35, Rocky Ford High School 46-12 and PRA 43-32. 

Rocky Ford scored on the game’s first drive against Manitou, but the team didn’t let that affect them and scored a 36-yard touchdown pass to number 2, Evan Scherr (12).

That was the only time Rocky Ford would score until Manitou put in their junior varsity. 

Scherr had an outstanding night with 3 touchdowns, 8 catches, and 2 interceptions.

The team’s effort and energy were terrific the whole way through, and the coaches were very happy with their performance. 

The whole team’s confidence has skyrocketed. “You know, winning is a big confidence boost. But our schedule gets harder from here,” Tyler Maloney (12) said. 

The coaches have emphasized that the next team MSHS will play will be much better than Rocky Ford. 

“Everybody on the team took their part to their hearts, and everybody played their part well,” Maloney said. 

Manitou’s performance was much better in the past two games, but there were still many mental mistakes. 

The team still has some areas of improvement before their next game. “We could work on our overall discipline,” Donovan Ornelas (11) said. 

Starting quarterback Nathan Gentzel (11) agrees with Ornelas. “Some things we could work on our discipline and catching the ball,” Gentzel said. 

Manitou has shut out their past wins and is now working on beating their next opponent, Prospect Ridge Academy, on Saturday, Sept. 24. 

The team must go into their next game confidently and work on their fundamentals. “We need to keep our fundamentals up; if that means to adjust your stance or anything, be ready; you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Maloney said. 

The Manitou Mustangs are looking forward to their league games. “Those teams are going to be harder and meaner,” Gentzel said.

Manitou is a momentum-based team, so they get fired up when they make big plays. Although when something goes wrong, they lose all momentum. That’s what they have been working on in practice.

The captains have been working on trying to keep the team’s morale up when they are down. Impressive plays from Maloney and Scherr always get the team on their feet. “Maloney and Scherr’s electric playstyle gets the team fired up,” Ornelas said.