Winter Sports Preview: Boys Basketball


Amanda Kerrigan

Ethan Boren (12) and Caleb Allen (12) return as seniors to lead this year’s boys basketball team.

As the weather gets colder, the basketball boys warm up their shots in pre-season. In many past years, these Mustang boys were diligent and robust, which led them to a handful of wins, even through all of the COVID-19 confusion that occurred. Many great players have moved onward and upward from high school, so as the 2021-2022 team takes the court, they will have to work hard to keep up the legacy that the graduates left behind.

Coach Brian Vecchio has always done a great job at building motivation in the boys on his team and is looking forward to building off the momentum that was generated last season. “Making the final four in basketball is extremely difficult to do,” Vecchio said, and in order to do so they will have to adjust how they play each night to have the best chance of winning.

Some of the best players that the Manitou Springs basketball team has ever had graduated last year. “I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t going to miss them! Last year’s seniors were a special group of guys,” said Vecchio. The team is capable of being just as skilled as they were in the past, but that doesn’t mean the pressure isn’t on for current upperclassmen to lead the team to success.

We had a great season last year making it to the final four, but work needs to be done in order to take it to the next level.”

— Ethan Boren (12)

Senior team leader Ethan Boren has been playing basketball since the fourth grade and has been on the varsity team here at Manitou since freshman year. Boren plays a huge role in his team’s success. “I contribute by leading by example and helping those who haven’t been in the system for as long as me to help steer them in the right direction,” Boren said. Along with Boren’s great leadership qualities, he has the mindset to pick up where they left off last season. “We had a great season last year making it to the final four, but work needs to be done in order to take it to the next level.”

Junior John Maynard has been playing basketball for four years now. His main point as a player is to spread the floor offensively and be defensive because “defense is what wins the game.” Many players that have graduated led the team through their height, which is one way Maynard will stand out this year. He cannot wait for this season and to finally beat St. Mary’s!

As these boys go into the season working hard, the school will be by their side to support them the whole way through, in hopes they will yet again, make it to the final four.