A better plan for Advisory


Yearbook Staff

MSHS students eat lunch outside, socially distanced.

Jack Embery, Reporter

During my past years at Manitou Springs High School, I have struggled to understand the lunch schedule. It seems very short compared to other schools in the area. With the 30 minutes of lunch, it provides students with the difficulty to drive to get lunch, eat lunch, and then return on time. Turning Advisory into lunch would be very beneficial and appreciated by all students.

 If a student has good grades and does their work, I think it is a good option to give those students an extended lunch. Students would then have an hour combined advisory/lunch. Students who may be struggling would continue to have a traditional Advisory which provides them with the opportunity to catch up on work, get help from specific teachers, and have the Advisory teacher monitor and assist them more exclusively.  Since Advisories would be smaller, the teacher has less work to do and can provide students who need help a better more in-depth personal experience. Not only would this stimulate the economy but it would also help kids be on time because they are not as rushed. During the current 30 minutes we have, I find it hard to enjoy your lunch. You feel rushed and it does not seem like the relaxing break that lunch should be. 

Other high schools in the area give their students a longer lunch period where they have time to go off campus and get lunch without being rushed. It is quite hard to go off campus and get lunch with our current 30 minutes. If we had an hour it would open our lunch options up, we could now go to restaurants and places that we could not normally because now we have the time to get there. 

I think another issue that we have without 30-minute lunches is that students are speeding and going over the speed limit to reach their favorite spot for lunch on time. The school has put pressure on no lunch tardies making students choose between driving fast or getting a tardy. 

Overall, with one-hour lunches, students could have longer, more enjoyable lunches, have time to go to restaurants, not be rushed, and especially have the extra time to drive slower and be safe. If you have good grades, Advisory should be an extended lunch for students starting next school year.