Girls Swim motivated for the season


Eliana Dutil

The Manitou Pool is back in business with Girls Swim.

Eliana Dutil, Reporter

Despite the turbulent school year it is finally time to celebrate because winter sports have been cleared. All year athletes have been waiting in anticipation to hear about their sport(s) and whether or not they would even get a chance to participate. With many failed attempts at a sport or pre-season practices athletes, quickly lost hope as many sports were continually on and off. Now with Season B sports taking place, hope has been restored in students and staff.

The Manitou Springs Girls Swim Team is one of the many winter sports taking place. With many new safety precautions and changes the season of 2020-2021 is going to look a little bit different. “Some of our meets are virtual which is a completely new situation. Typically we have around 11 meets baritone with duals, tris, invites. It’s definitely something very different from anything before,” said Aidan Cotè, a junior at Manitou Springs High School and a valued member of the team. With the season being shortened and less athletes being able to participate in meets, the coaches and captains will have to lead the team despite some possibly turbulent situations.  Captain, Sofija Cirko (12), is most concerned about team bonding being stunted. “We won’t have our pasta parties or team sleepover and not everyone will be able to go to meets. State is based on best times instead of reaching a certain time this year. There will be more social distancing instead of social events,” she said. 

Many concerns with new COVID guidelines have been expressed by many members of the team, but safety is always most important. Despite many concerns there are also many opportunities for positivity this season. “ I am looking forward to racing with an amazing group of people. Adapting to this situation is going to be hard for me, but in a way I am looking forward to the challenge,” said Aidan Cote (11).  “I think with everything we have all been through over the past nine months, I feel extremely grateful to have a season. It is definitely a huge motivator to really push myself this season and see what I can do and what we can do as a team. Being able to be around people from school is something I have really missed and this team has always had a special place in my heart.”  

Although this season is bound to come with challenges it is also, in the words of Aidan “ a huge motivator.” Practices have started and swimmers are eager to get into the water and work on improving their times and technique. The first in person meet scheduled for last Tuesday (January 26) cancelled because of weather.  The meet will take place today.   This season will be interesting to watch and participate in but it is definitely a welcome challenge.