Laine Givens: A Different Path to Success


Courtesy of Laine Givens

Laine Givens (12) poses with her brother Cade Givens (Class of 2019) and her Marine Corps contract.

Eliana Dutil, Reporter

While many seniors at MSHS are frantically finishing college applications and essays today for Colorado Free Application Day, Laine Givens is taking a deep breath.  At 18, Laine, a Manitou Springs senior, enlisted in the Marines and after graduating will leave to start her new life training at Boot Camp. Currently, Laine is enrolled in a delayed entry program. This program serves to prepare her mentally and physically for the changes she will experience when she ships out next August. In order for Laine to reach her full potential in training, she is put through many fitness tests to measure her growth. “We do lots of workouts which will be similar to what we do in Boot Camp like IST, PTF, or CTF ( initial strength test, physical fitness test, combat fitness test)” Laine said. Laine has found passion through her training and is extremely excited to ship out. Graduating high school for every student brings one of the first major decisions someone makes in adult life. With the help of her supportive parents and teachers and her brother, Laine is anxious to start the next chapter. Laine’s brother has been a huge inspiration to her. Cade Givens, joined the Marines in 2018 and graduated Boot Camp in the fall of 2019. Cade has rapidly moved up in the Marines thanks to his hard work and is now a lance corporal. “He teaches me new things about the Marine corps every day and is an amazing mentor and brother to me,” Laine said about her brother’s example for her. Laine and her brother enlisted in separate programs but still will work for the same branch. Laine explains it as her brother remained in Colorado and she will be going into active duty. “I will be gone, and not at home. I will be sent to my duty station, and that could be anywhere that there is a Marine Corps base,” Laine explained. Laine is thankful that her parents fully parents support her decision and are happy about it.  “They can’t wait to see me accomplish many things in the future in the Marine Corps,” she said.  Laine has been surrounded by support and even her teachers have been invested in her decision. “ I am incredibly proud of Laine for following her heart and her passions. I believe that her solid plan for getting a college education while she is a marine will add the depth she personally needs to her experience. Laine is incredibly intelligent, open minded, and strong. We need Marines just like her,” said her AP English teacher, Amanda Kerrigan. Laine’s decision does not mean that she will not further her education following high school. She is planning on taking college classes while she is active duty, so she can eventually earn her bachelor’s degree.  She hopes to do paralegal work in the Marine Corps, and eventually go to law school to become a lawyer like her father.  Laine is very driven and dedicated to her future. Laine has always wanted to help and empower people.  She decided to do this through the Marine Corps because she wants to push herself to new limits in stressful situations. Laine has already been tested.  Seeing that men and women often have the same physical requirements in the Marines, she has already found herself being pushed past limits she once had for herself. Laine is building a future for herself so that her dreams of helping to inspire others can take off.