MSHS Basketball Faces Lamar

Clover Bernard, Senior Reporter

On Saturday the 26th, the Manitou Springs High School Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball teams played against Lamar High School. Because MSHS hosted this game, the players’ had the home advantage.

The MSHS Girls’ Basketball team played very well against Lamar as they were prepared for a close game. Throughout all four quarters, MSHS was ahead by almost ten points. MSHS Girls’ won with a 15 point lead, making the final score 50 to 35. According to Bridget Bodor (12),
“Lamar isn’t a huge rival, but that team is always an important game to win.” Usually, Lamar is one of the better teams within the league. Fortunately for the MSHS Girls’, Lamar isn’t as successful as past seasons. As the game came to a close, the girls’ team was very happy with the outcome of the game.

The MSHS Boys’ team was unfortunately less successful than the girls’. With Lamar taking an eight-point lead, this left the final score of 61 to 53. Although the boys’ played very well together throughout the entire game, it wasn’t enough to beat Lamar. As this game was also anticipated to be a close one, many of the boys’ were frustrated during the end. “We played hard and had a good first half. Defense was good, but it didn’t execute near the end,” said, Kainen Reed (12), an occasional starter on Varsity.

As both games came to a close, it was clear that every player put in a lot of hard work and effort. The teams will continue to put these high amounts of energy into the season until the second it is over. Saturday’s game against Lamar truly portrayed how hard these players are willing to fight for their team and the game.