How Time Flies

Do you remember your first day at first grade? A little student with his\her first backpack, full of dreams, energy and inspiration. Time flies really fast and now you are a senior who is on the most important stage in your life: finishing school, choosing a college, and continuing education.

But how do our seniors feel about that? “I am very excited to be done,” said senior Megan Nuci

Of course, your last year at school is the most important one. Seniors have a lot of events that can leave good memories  for all of their life. For example, coming to Toga day, when senior girls wear a toga and wake up guys, and wrap them in togas to go to breakfast.

And besides this, students have a lot of great moments that are saved in their memory.

“My favorite high school memories were winning state [cheer], and being around people who make me happy,” Senior Melody Siegler said.

But when school ends, what will be future plans and goals of our seniors? As senior Daisy Szajner said, her future goals are to travel and finish college, because education is so important for every generation. And when you travel ,you can see the world, know more cultures and get some new experience.

On the next year, Manitou Spring High school will get new freshmen and the most valuable advice that they can take is from seniors. Siegler says “My advice would be, don’t let what other people think of you get to you. It’s high school, and people are going to judge you on almost everything you do, but as long as you’re happy, what other people think or say shouldn’t matter.”

In this moment we can wish that our seniors will have unforgettable last year at school. We hope that all of them will find their future goals and achieve them, and that Manitou Springs high school will always be home for them.

By Irina Vetoshkina