Key Club Shows Holiday Cheer

Oda Tiller-Brattebø, Senior Reporter

Key Club held a Holiday party for their members on December 15th. The members brought food and a White Elephant gift for a gift exchange, all while wearing their favorite ugly holiday sweater. When people arrived at the house, they were mingling around and there was Christmas music playing. They hung around for a little bit before eating. Mike Talbott brought spaghetti, Amy Rochenbach brought mac n’ cheese and the members brought everything including guacamole, queso, cookies and pies. Many people brought savory snacks as well, such as Chex Mix and chips. After they ate, they all gathered around the fireplace for the gift exchange. After the exchange, they went back for another helping of food, and then played different ice-breaking games. The icebreakers helped everyone feel more comfortable around each other in a more relaxed setting. The attendees left Unruh’s house later that evening and were all pleased with how the Christmas party had turned out.

The point of the party was to recruit new members and solidify the members who were already a part of the club. After the break, Key Club will be organizing more events, including the selling of flowers for Mother’s Day.