Wrestling Preview: Underclassmen Girls Bring New Talent to the Team


Aliah Char

Chloe Donegan (10) is one of the two girl wrestlers of the 2018-19 season. This is the first time in two years that a girl has competed on the MSHS Wrestling team.

Kayla Hendricks, Junior Reporter

As it gets closer to winter, MSHS Wrestlers continue to train in the preseason. This year there are two girls joining the team for the first time in two years: Lainie Thomas (9) and Chloe Donegan (10).

The coaches– Stryker Lane and Paul Bonner– don’t treat the girls any different from the boys on the team. “They kind of provide a surprising contribution. The guys don’t want to hurt the girls, but they come out and kick butt. And that’s good to have,” said Byrd McCarley, a senior wrestler who has competed for about 13 years.

The girls are both enjoying being on the team. “The coaches are super fair,” said Thomas, and Donegan shares her feelings.

“A lot of [my teammates] are my friends,” said Donegan. Everyone on the team is putting in their work to get ready for a good season.

Open mats have been a help wrestlers prepare for the upcoming season. “I’m doing a little bit of waist training. I did football to help keep in shape,” said McCarley.