Emotional Senior Volleyball Night

Avery Olson and Giulia Vidossi, Junior Reporters

The Mustangs’ seniors came out to have an emotional, exciting and fun night. Senior Night couldn’t have gone better for the MSHS Girls’ Volleyball team.

There was a lot of chemistry between the girls on the team. Going into their last home game, the ladies pulled off another ‘dub’ for their very promising season. “I played for the girls I’ve got to know and love. It was my last home game ever; I had to make it the best one yet,” said Kylie Middleton (12). “It made me feel accomplished and sad at the same time.”

This game brought out the fire in the Mustangs, and they made their last game truly special. Abbie Boren (12) said, “I feel like it kinda set the tone for everything. I feel very confident about us.”

Throughout this memorable game, crowd members threw together chants, rooting for the Lady Mustangs. When creating these chants, Joah Armour (10) said, “We just hop right in and we see what they kind of do, and then make a cheer for it.”

Even for the rest of the students, it was an emotional game. The students really enjoyed the volleyball season, cheering for the girls and creating new chants. The school spirit shown between players– as well as between students on the sideline– was the perfect example of Manitou school spirit and an inspiring start to the playoffs and end of the season. “It solidified that it was our senior year,” said Belle Brown (12). “It kind of felt like the beginning of the end”.