Key Club’s First Project Of The Year

Allie Robbins, Photography Editor

Manitou Springs High School’s (MSHS) Key Club has come out of their shell for the 2018-19 school year, changing the world one service project at a time. Key Cub is an organization that teaches high school students how to become leaders through service projects. Key Club’s first project this year is raising money to fund a well in Swaziland so the village can have clean water for the rest of their lives.

The Thirst Project is an organization that builds wells in Swaziland to decrease the water crisis. They have a group of “Road Warriors” that visit communities and schools all over the United States to raise awareness about the water crisis. The MSHS Key club is raising money for a well in Swaziland and when they started fundraising, they raised $162.81 in just in 1 minute and 35 seconds. To help raise more funds, Key Club also sold bracelets throughout the week. For just $1, a student could buy a bracelet for themselves and a child in Swaziland. The club got the whole student body involved by having an advisory competition. The advisories that raised the most money– Brian Vecchio and Amanda Kerrigan– got a pizza party. All the money the club gets goes straight to the Thirst Project to fund a well.

Ben Schwartz (11) is the President of MSHS’ Key Club. He has been in Key Club since freshman year and was heavily involved in the project by doing things like gathering people to make raindrops to put on lockers, gathering people to make bracelets to sell them, and making boxes to put in every advisory. Key Club is proud to say they are making a difference. All the support they got from the staff, student body, and Kiwanis has helped Thirst Project on changing the water crisis.