Boys’ Swim Finish In Stride At Doherty

Kaitlyn Davidson, Senior Reporter

MSHS swimmers travelled to Doherty High School for one of their most competitive meets yet. Despite their clear win with a score of 126-51, “It was an ugly victory,” Jackson Sawyer (11) said. However, Sawyer still thought that the team learned from the experience. “We can still come out when we are all feeling like garbage and still win. I think that reflects pretty well on the team.”

With a record of 3-1, the Coronado Boys’ Swim Team is leading their league and have already put up some impressive times. Overall as a team, they are looking forward to the next big invitational where they will showcase their talents.

They are feeling the absence of some of the well-established seniors of years past, but are also stepping up to the challenge of this season. “We’ve all stepped up and started to include more people which I think has been good for the team,” Sawyer said.

Alex Spiecker, a captain this year from Manitou, has helped usher in the new “generation of swimmers,” as Sawyer said, by shifting main responsibilities from a couple superstars to the whole team. “Everyone has to contribute to the success now,” said Sawyer.