Manitou Swimmers Prepared for New Season


Jackson Sawyer (11) is excited for the season, returning for his 3rd year. Sawyer is one of the most dedicated swimmers on the team.

Kaitlyn Davidson, Senior Reporter

This year, Manitou swimmers are once again trekking to the Coronado High School pool to start the new boys’ swimming season. Manitou has historically been a major contributing factor to Coronado’s past success. In 2016, our own Greg Shaw shattered a 37-year-old pool record for the 100 butterfly. The original record was a 53.3 seconds, and his time was 52.90 seconds. Jackson Sawyer (11) plans to fill some of these vacancies. “Breaststroke is a generational thing on this team. At first it was Will Chaney, then Marley Kaiser, and now I’m next up,” said Sawyer, “I’m trying to fill their shoes and make it back to the A final for the 100 breaststroke in state.” However, Sawyer has more than one ambitious goal for this season. “I want make state in every stroke. I have everything but backstroke from club,” Sawyer said.

Liam Davidson (10), Randle Burtoft (11), and Logan Seward (12) are also joining the other Manitou boys in the pool. “I’m really excited for this season. I had a good season last year and I’m excited to build on that this year,” Liam Davidson said.

Bob Bell, who has coached close to 50 years, is a legend at Coronado. His coaching is renowned throughout the state and the boys count themselves lucky to train underneath such an important figure in swimming. “Coach Bell is really great, he knows what he is doing and he gets results,” Sawyer said.

Alex Spiecker (12) is slotted for captain, along with other Coronado seniors, and is ready for the coming season. Spiecker has not only state in mind, but wants to help lead the new generation of swimmers at Coronado.

The boys had their first meet this Saturday, March 11th, which they proved to themselves that they are just as strong as in years past. “It’s going to be a good indicator about where the team is right now comparatively,” Davidson said.