Varsity Volleyball Wins Game Against Trinidad

Allie Robbins, Senior Reporter

The Manitou Springs High School Volleyball Varsity Team played and won against Trinidad on Thursday, September 14th. The JV players did not win, yet still persevered though both games. Josephine Paradee (10) said, “We didn’t do well, but we all were cheering each other on. Being a part of this team means we need to have each other’s back. We realize our mistakes this game and are going to do better the next game. I know what I did wrong this game, so I will be more prepared for next time.”

Jody Read (10), also a JV player, said, “I thought everyone did a great job. We didn’t win this game, but we will win one. I have hope for our team. I know what I can do next time to be a better player.”

Right after the JV game, the varsity team played. They won the game with a score of 3-0. The first quarter was 19-25. They struggled during the middle of the game, with a second quarter score of 10-25. The final game was 19-25.

Along with JV, the varsity team is also very close with each other. Mahlia Glass (9), a first year varsity player, said, “We are like sisters, which makes the team stronger.” The team leaders for Manitou Springs are McKayla Cully (11) #8, Talia Traxler (10) #10, Abbie Boren (11) #7 and Mahlia Glass (9) #2.

So far this season, the team has four wins and five losses. Manitou Springs has won two home games, and two away games. The volleyball team is ranked 7th in the 3A Tri-Peaks League. The next game is on September 19th against James Irwin.