Review: Beauty and the Beast


Ariana Silvi, Reporter

The new movie “Beauty and The Beast” is definitely one to see. Usually, princess movies by Disney express the idea that girls need the help of a man. This new Disney movie, however, is not like the rest.

Belle is played by Emma Watson and the Beast is played by Dan Stevens. Belle is an independent woman who doesn’t rely on the male protagonist throughout the story. Even though she does end up falling for him, she acknowledges that she doesn’t need him to save her, nor does she need to be saved by anyone else but herself.

“Beauty and the Beast” is not quite like the previous adaptions. Overall, the movie had the same storyline, but at the same time different events occur. The graphics and editing of the movie are absolutely amazing and the “living” objects were very realistic. Not to mention, the cast fit very well with their characters.

The directors did a phenomenal job at shooting the movie, and the editing and camera work was exquisite. The music in Disney movies are always iconic, and in “Beauty and the Beast” was no different. In the most recent movie they featured the song “Be Our Guest” along with originals to the soundtrack like, “Forevermore”. The choreography and music was beautiful and the actors did a great job.

Despite Emma Watson not being in many musical roles, she still did great. The new “Beauty and the Beast” movie is extremely beautiful and well put together. It is definitely one you don’t want to miss. This movie is for everyone from little kids to grandparents. Like they say, “You’re never too old for Disney!”