Girls’ Soccer Win First Game


Brooklyn Mack (11) is kicking the ball.

Hanny Chairunnisa, Reporter

Mustangs girls’ soccer successfully beat Woodland Park at their first game yesterday, March 14th.

All of the girls showed their work team effort through the game. During the first quarter, the girls  worked hard to make a goal. Meghann Root (12), as a captain, told the girls about how the strategy and team work within their game is important.

Monique Heiniger (12), goalkeeper, cheered them up during the game. The first goal was made by Katy Grieb (12) at the first quarter. During the second quarter, all the girls showed their spirit to winning the game.

Brooklyn Mack (11), Caileen Sienknecht (10), and Bridget Bodor (10) made a goal and led the mustangs to win the game. Coach, Ben Mack, distributed good spirits outside the field and encourage them to seek any opportunities to make goal.

Finally, Mustangs Girls won with the 8-0.