Kory Mitchell Accepted to UCCS

Allie Robbins, Reporter

Kory Mitchell (12) is a extremely happy and thrilled to be a senior at Manitou Springs High School. She has cheered at Manitou Springs High School for all four years. “I am very excited to graduate Manitou Springs High School! If cheerleading doesn’t work with my schedule I am sure I will apply to a dance class.” Mitchell got excepted to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on February 28, 2017. She is quite excited to go to college. In her time at UCCS she hopes to learn about acting and modeling. Mitchell’s mom responded to some questions, including that she is very excited that her daughter was accepted.

Q: 1. What is the program called?

A: 1. The program is called the Inclusive Services Program at UCCS. They excepted 8 applicants which will bring their number up to 11 students.
Q: 2. How long did Mitchell wait to get excepted?

A: 2. Mitchell submitted her application in January, was interviewed by the program administration in early February and was sent the acceptance letter at the end of February.

Q: 3. How did you find out?

A: 3. We found out about the program through our local networking of parents of children with down syndrome. We are involved with the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association. Mitchell found out about the acceptance through mail. Not sure if you know, but we videotaped her opening the letter and posted it on her Facebook page, it was super cool. The response she received from so many different people was incredibly touching and provided so much encouragement for her. The community of Manitou Springs has been very loving, embracing and encouraging for her.

Q: 4. How did Micthell respond?

A: 4. Micthell is very excited to go to college and is very confident about her direction. She has made it very clear of her future plans for many years now. Attend college, have a career and what she loves, purchase her own home and to be married someday. She really wants to further her studies in the performing arts. She wants to be an actress, dancer, singer and model. She also loves fashion and home design. Mitchell has been sharing with friends, talking about her plans nonstop and is very excited and focused about this opportunity.
Q: 5. Is she going to stay home?

A: 5. Mitchell will live at home for now but her goal is to live in the dorms and then on her own. (since this program is new, They haven’t yet set up dorm options for this service yet, but their goal is to do that.)
Q: 6. Are you celebrating?

A: 6. Our family will be going out to dinner of her choice to celebrate this milestone!! But honestly we celebrate it every day!!