Seniors Qualify For State Two Years in a Row


Alyssa Prince, Reporter

Seniors Atticus Fredrickson and Julian Sanchez both qualified for the State Tournament last year and continued their legacy this year when they qualified at Regionals. Fredrickson placed third while Sanchez took home a win, securing them both spots in the brackets for State this past weekend, February 16-18. Preliminaries were on Thursday, where the two Mustangs won their matches by pinfall. Friday, which “was a long day” according to Sanchez, held both quarterfinals and semifinals, as well as second and third round consolations.

After winning in prelims, Fredrickson won in quarterfinals yet again by pinfall, and lost by pinfall in semifinals, going back to consolation semifinals where he got the pin and placed fifth overall.
While Fredrickson faced his own opponents, Sanchez had a tiring day ahead of him as well. He lost in quarterfinals, heading to the consolation quarterfinals. Here he found the start of multiple wins, advancing to second round consolations and then third round consolations where he won his match, pressing on to the consolation semifinals. Sanchez lost his final match, but still placed fourth.

“Regarding State, there’s nothing I would change,” Fredickson said. “I definitely feel like I left everything I had out on the mat. Going back my senior year after everything I’ve been through the past few months and being able to place is amazing, and going with Julian two years in a row is just real special.” Sanchez agreed. “My bracket was stacked, and it’s frustrating because I actually won a match earlier in the season against the guy who won the state title in 4A. But I wrestled my best, and it’s cool to be a 2 time qualifier for state for sure,” he said.

The two then discussed how there are less than 20 people that go to the state wrestling tournament for the 3A league. “A lot of good wrestlers don’t even make it, so it’s nice to even get the chance to compete”, Sanchez said. The two placed within the top five of the 3A bracket, leaving them both satisfied with how their senior state tournament went.