New Schedule for 2017-18 Announced


Anais Wickes, Reporter

Next year, there will be a new schedule put in place that was decided upon on February 1. The front office came up with this idea when they recognized an issue in the existing schedule. They saw that there was a need to place the majority of students in better class choices with their schedules.

The idea of a new schedule has been tossed around before. The existing schedule has been in place since 1992. The school staff believes that now is the time for the new schedule because of the new graduation requirements for the class of 2021.

There were parent meetings both at the high school and middle school concerning the schedule change. Both parents and students alike attended these meetings, where they were able to put in their input about the new schedule.

With this new schedule, it will be more difficult to double up on classes. Students will be able to double up in certain courses, however, not as much as they have been able to in the past. The staff was looking for some alignment of the courses so that students may be able to take two courses in the same content area, however, it wouldn’t work as it was originally planned to. For example, a student would be taking English 1 and English 2 at the same time. Instead, there will be dual enrollment opportunities available. This means that students will be able to take college courses, such as college algebra, at school with professors that teach that college class while also taking regular high school classes.

Graduating early will also become more difficult with the new schedule. With the new courses and the reduction of doubling up on classes, getting all of the required credits to graduate will become more of a challenge. However, if some students have all of their credits in one area (math, science, etc) there will be other options for them. Some of those options are the college courses which will help them gain college credits earlier. If a student is already close to graduating early, then the school staff will help them graduate early. With the new schedule, they will be able to offer true AP courses.

The original plan for the new schedule has been altered quite a bit. The staff will try to build the schedule so that the most rigorous courses will be distributed evenly among blocks. This will mean that students will not have to choose between two core classes for the same block.